Vista Animations – ESTHER Bento AO


You will notice the self-confidence and relaxed attitude, that gives lots of natural behaviour. And with bento movement of the fingers, nothing extreme, no nonsense’s, just natural movement.

Included are versions for 3 body shapes type, Slim, regular and curvy.
23 really cute stands, 6 fashion elegant walks, and great sits, grounds, dances and gestures.

23 stands
7 walks (1 p3 for use with handbags, pets etc)
6/5 sits and grounds
1 run
1 crouch
1 crouch walk
1 jump cycle
1 flight cycle
3 gestures

+EXTRAs (use rezz button in the HUD)
1 mobile with: 2 talks, 1 selfy 2 chatting
1 cigarette 2 smoking anims

CALM: (proximity) The 7 stands more quiet / business/chatting style
MODE1 All the AO stands (23)
MODE2: semi calm stands

HUD 5.32 with gestures, force arms, improved dance and couple system, update button, proximity radar and much more!

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