For the boys! – Vista Animations – Cool Guy AO

Vista Animations is proud to launch its newest male AO for confident and cool guys across the grid!

With a range of subtle and more dramatic walks, stands and sits to choose from plus realistic breathing animations, this AO can be worn in any situation for a strong and masculine posture

If you need an AO that will look great in any social situation and want to appear confident and self-assured, then the Cool Guy AO is the one to choose.

Our new Mocap technology now means that the Vista Animations team can provide you with the most realistic movements possible and we hope you enjoy this brand new release.


3 thoughts on “For the boys! – Vista Animations – Cool Guy AO

  1. Maybe in a few years they will come up with something a bit more “sophisticated” for the men. I bought the cool guy AO…..*cough…two shows worth of pay!* While some of the moves are a little better than previous additions, there is still an awful lot of “bad boy attitude” in its characteristics….so mine gathers dust in my inventory….sorry to say.

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