Oh yes, It was ON!

After challenges were flying back and forth this week, the lil Cao and I decided to settle our beef (or, in our case, snowballs) once and for all. Well, she thought she was dropping by, I was hiding behind a pile of snow to ambush her. After my first snowball hit her arse, she tried. And tried, and tried some more. But as proof clearly shows you, she didnt expect the dragon to be so flexible, or fast and all she could do was hurl snowballs at me.


As were I, on the other hand, was quite successfull! Not once, but twice I got to cover her face in snow. Eventhough she might have thought I am spreading peace, secretly I was celebrating my second strike in a row!

Snowball1Even after an afternoon of chasing eachother, she still had to try, but didnt count on me being prepared. Muahaha.. How that ended, who knows! 😛

You can find Cao’s stylecard on her BLOG

Worn by me:
Skirt: {SMS} Deco Tartan Mini Skirt Combo 2
Sweater: {SMS} Deco Tartan Sweater Combo 2
Boots: [whatever] Ugg boots – brown
Hat and Scarf: MG – Fur Collar and Hat – Babushka – Chocolate Mink

Pose/prop: [LA] Snowball Fight! Set (from the With Love Hunt)


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